LAB 01

This LAB contains:

Single instance environment

  • LAB01 (oracle 9i / 10g / 11gR1)
  • LAB02 (oracle 11gR2, 12.1 single)
  • LAB03 (oracle 12.1 multitenant)
  • LBB01 (physical / logical dataguard for LAB01/02/03)

Clustered environment

  • LAB04 (oracle 11gR2 / 12c  node1 primary)
  • LAB05 (oracle 11gR2 / 12c  node2 primary)
  • LBB04 (oracle 11gR2 / 12c  node1 standby)
  • LBB05 (oracle 11gR2 / 12c  node2 standby)


  • GC01 Grid Control 10g
  • GC02 Grid Control 11g
  • GC03 Cloud Control
  • GC04 Cloud Control 13.1

LAB 02

For my private purposes I created LAB on VirtualBox which contains 5 machines.
This is 2-node RAC (WROC) with 2-node RAC physical DataGuard (TORO) with GridCottrol monitoring host(MONIT01) :

  • wroc01   (Oracle Linux 5.4 x86)
  • wroc02   (Oracle Linux 5.4 x86)
  • toro01   (Oracle Linux 5.4 x86)
  • toro02   (Oracle Linux 5.4 x86)
  • monit01   (Oracle Linux 5.4 x64)

This environment was created in multiple steps:

In first part we’ll create single instance environment on one node (wroc01) and Grid Control monitoring host (monit01).

Secondly RMAN catalog database and physical Data Guard for single instance on second node will be created (wroc02)

As next step Grid Infrastructure will be installed on nodes wroc01,wroc02 and RAC database will be created on WROC cluster

Finally RAC cluster for physical Data Guard on nodes toro01,toro02 will be created on TORO cluster